miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Souvenir - David Kaufelt

Paris, 1942. A time when life was cheap and love could be a deadly weapon. An American society beauty turned French film star - on the run from a tragic secret in her past. A handsome, cynical man without a country is the only man who can get her out of France to the Spanish border alive—if only she can trust him. Together they plunge into a nightmare chase through a war-ravaged country where betrayal is a way of life, survival the only virtue, and even the ecstasy of love can turn into haunting fear.

Translator: Nora Escoms.

Nora Escoms

Certified and Experienced Translation Professional.

Certified, sworn translator with 37 years of experience. Two degrees in translation studies. ATA-certified (EN>ES) Oriented to delivering quality services promptly and reliably.